See What Saves A Dog Left For Dead

One day, Andrea found a stray puppy. It was sick with a bad skin disease and his right ear had a lot of dried flakes. It even looked as though it was rotting and about to fall off.

Andrea felt sorry for the dog and brought him to a vet. The vet took one look at the dog and though he felt sorry for it, he believed the dog was already a lost cause. The best thing would be to put the dog to sleep and ease his suffering.

But  Andrea wasn’t willing to accept that, so she took the dog home. By the afternoon, she noticed the animal seemed a bit happier and was able to eat. Andrea decided that the dog would stay with her and named him Benjie.

Benjie’s skin condition was really stinky. Andrea gave him a warm bath each week, and because she knew that virgin coconut oil had healing properties, she used that on his skin.

After 3 months, Benjie had improved tremendously. His skin was black and flaking – now, it looked healthier. He was more confident and he looked so much better after gaining some weight. Andrea was happy to discover that some fur had started to grow back.

Benjie’s fur coat was actually a mix of tan and dark brown. It looked amazing!

To celebrate Benjie’s recovery, Andrea took Benjie to the beach. They enjoyed the sand, the water, and the sun. They played games. Benjie discovered the joy of digging in the sand, and Andrea buried her little dog beneath it with only his head showing. Benjie was super happy!

This dog that seemed hopeless now has a bright future thanks to Andrea’s perseverance.

Source: Misus Yaya