Two Snowmobilers Find And Rescue Three Great Pyrenees Pups

The cold season may be the perfect time to indulge in hot cocoa, read a nice book, and cuddle with your dog. But the season may also prove to be dangerous for dogs that have nowhere to go.

Three Great Pyrenees pups were found abandoned in the snowy mountains in Utah. Thankfully, they were immediately rescued and kept in a temporary shelter until they found a new home.

Stumbling upon the pups in an unlikely place

Cory Holt and Kat Perry were the two snowmobilers who found the puppies inside a snowmobile complex. Officials said that the place where the abandoned pooches were found just had another layer of snow during Thanksgiving.

The officers involved in the search and rescue operations helped the snowmobilers carry the pups through a rescue sled. After the retrieval operation, the three puppies were turned over to a rescue shelter in Montana, which would find them their new forever homes.

Cory and Kat said that founding the puppies was just dumb luck. They explained that they saw the pups’ moms. However, they weren’t able to take her with them because they didn’t have a leash or a rope.

They decided that they should get the pups out first and then come back to rescue the mom.

The pups are recovering

The pups were wet, cold, and shivering when Cory and Kat found them. But once they were in the shelter, they felt warm and cozy.  The three pups were now recovering; once they were spayed and neutered, the shelter would put them up for adoption. Cory and Kat were thinking of keeping one of the dogs, which they would name “Polar.”

Investigators said that the mother dog was herding a flock of sheep over the summer. However, she got separated from the sheep and her caretaker. Volunteers were still looking for her.

Kat surmised that the family of pups was living off a sheep carcass. The mother dog found a dead sheep, which became their food.

Video Source: Fox 13 News Utah via YouTube