This Sweet Little Girl And Her Adorable Dogs Will Melt Your Heart

Newfoundland dogs may be bulky in physique, but these dog breeds are also loyal dogs. Just like any other dog, Newfies are up for any adventure with their humans. These two Newfoundland dogs named Samson and Sebastian are enjoying their lives with their supportive little human.

The two dogs are pets of this unnamed little girl, who posts the adventures of the dogs on Instagram. The Instagram page is a merged account for Samson and Sebastian. This is where the handler shows how the two dogs are enjoying their lives with their little human.

Samson and Sebastian, along with their human, would often play in their backyard any game they would find interesting. Hide and seek became one of their go-to games. But since Samson and Sebastian are large dogs, they find it hard to win against their human. Even then, they continue with this game until their energy gets consumed. On their break time, the two Newfoundland dogs would sleep after having their lunch together.

On ordinary days, Samson and Sebastian would receive a goodbye kiss from their human when the latter heads out for school. As soon as the little girl comes home, they would then engage in endless playtime inside the house.

Also, the dogs’ human likes dressing up the two dogs as well as brushing their hair. It is the cute kid’s way of showing how much she appreciates the presence of Samson and Sebastian. She likes to do this because she finds joy in beautifying the two dogs.

But even with their usual antics, the two dogs know where to draw the boundary between playtime and their human’s study period. Whenever the young girl needs to study, Samson and Sebastian would stay quiet and behave accordingly until their human finishes her homework.

Credits to Samson.