This Adorable Dachshund Opened His Christmas Gift Three Weeks Early And It’s Taking Over The Internet

Christmas was and will always be the most wonderful time of the year, especially if your Christmas tree is teeming with presents. Growing up, we were the eager, bustling kids who always wanted to defy the laws of Christmas and open our gifts early. As it turns out, kids are not the only ones who get excited about the holidays.

This adorable dachshund had just broken the most essential Christmas law of all: never open your presents before Christmas. The best part is that he couldn’t even wait for a few days before Christmas! The pooch went on and opened his gift three weeks before, on December 3!

Rocket, the sausage dog in question, is an 11-year-old wiener from Salt Lake City, Utah, who lives with his mom, Elizabeth, and her husband. The pooch is the couple’s only dog baby, so it is no surprise that he is spoiled rotten. Every year, Rocket receives the most special gift under the tree.

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This year is no exception. However, unlike every year, Rocket couldn’t hide his excitement. He knew he would be receiving something exceptional again.

So the moment he saw his gift lying unattended under the tree, he decided to dive in and open it. He tore through the wrapper, seemingly aware of the contents of the precious present. When he finally tore deep enough, he found out it was the dog bed he always wanted!

He couldn’t part with his gift anymore, so he casually laid on the bed, which happens to be wrapped in the paper still. Rocket couldn’t care less, though. Elizabeth eventually found out what the naughty pooch did.

When she saw the tore wrapping paper, she pulled out her camera and recorded her investigation. She lifted a piece of the paper, revealing the seemingly apologetic pooch. She was so amused at the sight that she shared the short clip on Facebook.

It instantly became a viral hit, of course, and is now at over 73,000 views! Watch his hilarious gift opening clip here.

Courtesy of Rocket_The_Dachshund