Sweet Dog Helps Grandma By Moving The Rug To Make Way For Her

Ana Clara Simoes’s grandmother is already 86 years old. For the past two years, Grandma has been finding happiness in the company of Lili, her little dog. However, it seems like this sweet pup is more than just an adorable companion.

On her own accord, Lili, from Brazil, has decided to take on another role. The sweet pup has become Grandma’s caretaker, ensuring that she will never have trouble getting around their home while in her wheelchair.



Ana and her family are happy to ensure that Grandma lives her life to the fullest, even if she has limited mobility. So, they were surprised to discover that their dog is also doing her part in making Grandma’s life easier. Whenever Grandma comes home, and she is on her way to the main living area, Lili leaps into action. She drags away the pair of carpet mats so Grandma’s wheelchair will pass more easily.

According to Ana, Lili learned this all by herself. They were all so surprised, and because of that, they admired the pup even more. At first, the family thought that it was nothing but a coincidence. However, they soon realized that Lili only does it whenever Grandma is going to pass. So, they concluded that it is Lili’s act of care.



For now, Lili is yet to figure out that she needs to return the mats to their original places after. However, her thoughtful act of moving the rugs has started to rub off of Grandma’s other dog. Lara, the puppy, has been spotted doing the same thing too.

Fortunately, Ana said that her grandma has never had any trouble rolling her wheelchair over the mats when they are there. However, she still appreciates her little dog’s sweet gesture. Of course, the entire family feels the same. As Ana noted, Lili is an excellent companion, and she is happy to know that this thoughtful pup is there for her granny.

Credit: Ana Clara Simoes