Running A Race Is One Thing — But This is Exhausting!

I have seen newborn babies make hilarious faces while they are sleeping. It is easy to see their little brains at work as they smile, twitch, suck, or sometimes even roll their eyes.

And I vividly remember my sister sleep walking when we were kids. She usually headed to the living room where she would walk circles with the sofa cushion on her head or dig through the trash. Once she starting heading out the back door. My mom noticed and yelled at her. She immediately ran for the front closet, put on her hat and mittens, and headed for the back door again.

There was no waking her, only steering her back to bed.

But I would not have guessed that dogs can “sleep walk”, too until I saw this comical video. I am glad they shared it. I bet Bizkit wakes up more exhausted than when she went to sleep 🙂