Runaway Dog Cried As He Reunited With His Dad After Three Long Months

Losing a pet is incredibly devastating for any dog lover. It’s a nightmare you’d wish to end right away. But while many displaced pets do not find their way back home,  several are lucky enough to be reunited with their loving families again, and Coco is one of them.

Coco is a mixed breed that lives with his loving family in Taguig City, Philippines. His looks are a bit intimidating, but he grew up to be a sweet boy because he knew nothing but love and affection. And his family couldn’t be any more thankful for having him in their life.

He brought a smile to me, my children, and my entire family since the day he came into our lives, said Rustico Samson Jr., Coco’s dad. He is cherished, sweet, and loving. He’s my happy-go-lucky guy, he added.

On the night of June 13th, however, something disturbing happened. While Rustico prepped his kids for bed, he noticed Coco was nowhere to be found. He immediately went outside their house and started to search for his dog. He even asked for help from his relatives and friends, but they didn’t find Coco.

Rustico felt like he would never see Coco again. He cried every day, but he never stopped searching. Deep in his heart, he knew he’d find his best pal again. And one day, on September 30th, he received the best news.

Rustico’s cousin showed him a video of a stray dog wandering the parking lot of a nearby mall. At the exact moment he saw it, he knew it was Coco. So quickly, he went to the said location. Watch this footage to see what happened next.

“Coco! It’s you! I knew It’s you!” said Rustico as he walked toward the dog. And when the pooch heard the familiar voice, he stood up and came approaching, too.

It was an emotional moment for Rustico and Coco. After more than three months, happiness filled their hearts again. They were separated, but their love for one another kept them connected all this time.

Credits to Rustico Samson Jr. via YouTube/Stephen Messenger