Pet Mom Quits Job To Look For Her Lost Dog

If anyone deserves the most dedicated pet parent award, it would be Carole King. From doing a 57-day search to quitting her job, this pet mom from Washington would do anything and everything to get her missing dog back.

Carole and her husband, Verne King, have a seven-year-old border collie named Katie, who means the world to them. A few months ago, the family went for a short trip to Montana. While they were in the hotel room, storms hit the area. This spooked little Katie and caused her to run away.


The search for Katie prompted the couple to bring out the detectives in them. Carole and Verne looked for their dog in the neighborhood until 4 a.m. on the night she went missing. They distributed 500 flyers and posted about Katie’s disappearance on the internet too.

Days and weeks passed, but the couple saw no signs of Katie. So, Carole and Verne started to try more innovative methods. They used game cameras and animal traps with Katie’s favorite snack. Carole jogged and biked around the neighborhood, hoping that Katie would smell her sweat. They even placed t-shirts, blankets, and bowls in strategic locations.

Back then, Carole was working as a postal carrier. When her request for time off from work was not approved, she decided to quit. Although her earnings supplemented her pension well, Carole’s priority was finding Katie.


With the kindness and encouragement of many people, Carole and Verne never lost hope. Thankfully, their devotion soon paid off. Someone called and alerted the couple on September 15 about the sighting of a dog that matched Katie’s description. Katie was seen in the neighborhood where Carole and Verne distributed flyers the day before.

Although Katie lost 12 pounds and suffered from dehydration, her mom immediately recognized her. Carole was in tears and gave her pup the most loving hug. After searching for 57 days, Katie was finally found.

Credit: Denice Rutherford