Parkland Therapy Dogs Find Themselves In The School Yearbook

The yearbook from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is not like any other, because they have dedicated a special page just for the therapy dogs that attend their school.

Fourteen dogs were included in yearbook with their photos displayed on their own special page. So, this is the school’s way of thanking and recognizing the huge assistance these therapy dogs have given to the entire school after the mass shooting that happened in 2018.

Sarah Lerner is the yearbook adviser. She said that the students loved having the dogs around, and they have become quite the celebrities.

The idea of including the dogs in their yearbook came up when someone took a photo of one of the dogs. She discussed her idea with the yearbook editor and they agreed the dogs should have a special place in the book.

As a result, the dogs had their photos taken and were all well-behaved during their photoshoot.

When the yearbooks were handed out, most turned directly to the special page dedicated to these important “students”. It was a bitter-sweet reminder of what had happened and how these dogs were there to help.

The students were all praises for the dogs.

These therapy dogs helped the whole school and had been specially trained for the job. They help people relieve stress and provide comfort. They should be commended for successfully doing their job and helping survivors heal from the tragedy.

Source: Aerie Yearbook