No Dogs Are Left Behind At The Shelter During COVID-19 Pandemic, Thanks To The Supportive Community In Ohio

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, non-essential businesses are either closed or have limited activities. People are advised to limit their movements outside their homes so that they would not catch the virus.

Sadly, one of the places that are greatly affected by COVID-19 pandemic is animal shelters. Animal shelters are closed these days, and as a result, dogs would be left on their own because no one is allowed to visit to adopt. While COVID-19 can’t infect dogs, the shelter staff are susceptible to the virus. Besides, shelters have limited funds these days because of fewer donations from the supporters.

Because of this predicament, the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio, has resorted to social media to call for help. The staff needs to find temporary foster homes and adopters for all the dogs under their care. Having all the dogs adopted or fostered will be one less worry on their bucket list while waiting for the situation to relax and clear up.

For the adoption, Animal Friends made the procedure very simple. The called it, “Name Your Price.” Interested adopters have the freedom to give any amount on top of the $14.75 license fee.

A lot of people heeded to the call! In just four days after Animal Friends launched their campaign, all dogs but eight in the shelter were able to find their forever family or had gone to foster care.

Now that the shelter is empty, Animal House will have more room to take in stray and surrendered animals once the pandemic is over. In addition to that, adopted dogs would have someone to love them. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

The staff of Animal House can’t thank the community enough in providing homes for all the animals under their care.

Let’s all continue to pray that the COVID-19 will soon be gone so we can live our healthy lives again.

Photos courtesy of Animal Friends Humane Society via Facebook