Naughty Golden Retriever Tears Owner’s Passport, Saves Owner From Going To Wuhan

A Taiwanese woman shared how her golden retriever named Kimi unexpectedly saved her from today’s pandemic, coronavirus. Continue reading to find out how.

A month before the owner’s supposed family trip to Wuhan, she was shocked and upset to see her passport chewed and torn by her naughty pup, Kimi.


The owner initially posted a few photos of her ruined passport, together with Kimi, who seemed so guilty and ashamed of what she had done. In her caption, she said, “Once I got back to the room, and saw this scene!…” with three sad emojis. Little did the owner know that it would be the way for her to avoid being exposed to COVID-19.


Wuhan was the epicenter of the coronavirus. After a few days, the news about the worrisome and rapid spread of the pandemic virus was reported. It had reached different countries, making Kimi’s owner realize that her dog destroyed her passport for a purpose.

She then shared another post saying, “Do you guys remember the passport? Throwback, this kid is really protecting me. After my passport was torn apart, the virus began to go where I originally planned to go…” The guilty Kimi must be proud of her action!


Though we can’t tell for sure if Kimi destroyed the passport because she was only playful or she actually knew what was going to happen in China, what she did fortunately made her owner and family safe. It was downright a blessing in disguise! The family was then able to choose and celebrate their New Year in a safer place.

Destroying the passport might be wrong and upsetting at first, but there could not have been a better way for the dog to prevent its owner from going to Wuhan. That was the least yet the smartest thing Kimi could do to protect her owner from the possible risk. This pooch only proves that dogs truly possess both a caring heart and a smart mind.

Thanks to kimi0611 for sharing this hilarious moment via Facebook