Jimmy Fallon Gets An Unexpected Visitor In His At-Home Show

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many have brought their work to their homes. Rooms have turned into offices, and pajama shorts became the new trousers and skirts. Many celebrities have also brought their work to their homes.

One of them is Jimmy Fallon. Though it’s hard to set up his own camera and location for the show, Jimmy did his best to make his home show successful. He even got some special guests during his show.

Jimmy’s loyal dog, Gary, is perplexed as to why his father is always home these days. Gary is also confused about Jimmy’s show, but she makes sure she gets her screentime. Ever since Jimmy started his show at home with his family, his dog Gary has made a lot of appearances in both Jimmy’s show and social media account.

When The Tonight Show: At Home Edition’s first episode came out, Jimmy introduced his pup as his first special guest. Gary did not show any tricks or any special performances. But it’s clear to see that she enjoys her time as a guest.

Jimmy’s daughter also made a special appearance in the first episode. She ran up to Gary and sweetly hugged the pup for a few seconds. Gary and Jimmy’s daughter seemed to have taken the spotlight away from Jimmy, but nobody would complain about it. They are just too lovable!

Gary has also been the spotlight on Jimmy’s Instagram page. Jimmy has gladly shared his spotlight with his family by posting about them. A special interview with Gary was also posted.

In the short video, Gary can be seen answering all of Jimmy’s questions in a very honest way. With Drew Barrymore’s help, the interview became successful. Gary must love having his dad at home, but there are times when she gets sick of it.

On another episode of Jimmy’s show, Gary again made an appearance. But this time, it wasn’t part of the plan. Gary must just have wanted to entertain herself and have more screentime.

While Jimmy was in the middle of his talk, Gary came waltzing in with a tennis ball in her mouth. Surprised by his guest, Jimmy pets Gary, and notices her stinky smell. He then comments on Gary’s smell, which made her uncomfortable, so she steps away from the camera.

After getting over Jimmy’s statement about her smell, Gary comes back for more screentime. She sits beside her dad, stealing the attention from Jimmy with her cuteness. Whenever Jimmy tells her to lie down, Gary doesn’t listen and keeps sitting with her ball.

Jimmy wasn’t done commenting on Gary’s smell, though. So his wife finally spoke behind the camera, saying that she tried washing Gary, but the stink didn’t go away. Poor Gary needs to care for her hygiene, but at least she got the screentime she wanted.

Video source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via YouTube