Fur Mom Tricks Her Mini Australian Shepherd With A Story Full Of Her Favorite Words

Fur parents on the video-sharing app TikTok have recently come up with the favorite-words challenge, where they tell their pets a story full of their favorite words. This fur mom from New York City decided to try it on her mini Australian Shepherd. And the result is nothing short of funny and adorable.

Fur mom Lauren Blumenthal was just like any other pet parent who loved showing off her pooch on social media. She created an Instagram page just for her mini Australian Shepherd, Hazel, and even flaunted her on most of her TikTok videos.

More often than not, Lauren would share Hazel’s day-to-day life on the internet, along with the other hilarious shenanigans that the pooch would do. However, when she came upon a viral video of two pit bulls listening to their fur mom tell a story made up of their favorite words, Lauren immediately decided to make a version for Hazel.

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The day she wanted to try out her story, she caught the pooch hanging around in the living room, busying herself with her tennis ball. Lauren then approached her and focused her camera on the pup to record her reaction to her story.

She first told Hazel that she went outside, and upon hearing the word “outside”, the dog immediately perked up and looked at her fur mom. Lauren then continued by saying that she saw a squirrel. With this, Hazel dropped her tennis ball and looked at her fur mom with utter confusion.

The 35-year-old dog owner was holding back her laughter at Hazel’s hilarious reaction. But she continued with her story and told her that the squirrel had a bone in its mouth and was eating a treat. With these words, Hazel was completely bemused, much to Lauren’s delight.

When she finally shared the video on TikTok, it surprisingly went viral and garnered almost 700,000 views to date. Watch Hazel’s adorable reaction to the favorite-words challenge here.

Courtesy of Caters Clips