Foster Kitten’s Favorite Hideout For Taking A Nap Is In His Dog Brother’s Fur

In San Jose, California, there were three tiny kittens found on the streets just a month ago. They were safely brought to a foster home, the Humane Society Silicon Valley. All of them lacked proper nourishment and struggled to eat. Thanks to their rescuers, they got better each day and were becoming healthy.

Alexandra Baggs, the content marketing manager for Humane Society Silicon Valley, said that Basil was the most adventurous and outgoing among the three little kittens. She added that Basil’s foster mom illustrated him as the wild child.

When Basil and his two siblings became healthy enough, their foster brother, Angus, would be excited to welcome them and happy to meet them. Angus has been passionate about helping to foster kittens. The two other kittens were a bit timid with Angus, while Basil was not.

Basil easily got along with Angus. He even hopped on Angus’ bed. After minutes of playing, he cuddled up to Angus, and that had become his usual manner. Basil ensured snuggling beside Angus was a safe hideout, and he’s comfortable with it.

These two become best friends all the time, with the foster family’s guidance. If it’s not time to play, they instead take a nap together. They love each other that much.

Basil has the same fur color as Angus. One time when he was asleep curled up against Angus, his foster mom didn’t even get to notice him immediately. Baggs said Basil’s foster family knew it already that he was with Angus. He wasn’t just visible because he camouflaged against him. He was buried in Angus’ fur.

Basil’s foster mom stared at them and finally found him. She couldn’t get enough of how adorable the two were. So, she quickly pulled out her phone and took a photo of them. It was that moment when she realized they really were a perfect match, like camouflage.

After that, Angus becomes Basil’s haven when he feels like taking a nap. Basil’s foster brother is just there to help him cope and be more confident and comfortable in their new foster home.

Source Facebook via Humane Society Silicon Valley