Family Rescue Pitbull That Makes Them Whole Again

After going through the most challenging stages of their lives, Kylie and her dad Bill needed a distraction. When they went to the shelter, they found the answer to their problems.

Pitbull fans

Kyle and Bill have loved Pitbulls ever since Kylie was little. She got into an accident with their neighbor’s dog at a young age, and Bill wanted to get a dog that made her feel safe.

When Bill got in touch with animal control, they suggested him to get a Pitbull. At first, he was shocked at the recommendation but decided to give it a try.

They adopted Mojo the Pitbull and loved him. The dog lived for about ten years.

Besides losing her beloved dog, Kylie was also facing another significant obstacle in her life. In junior year, her mom took her own life, and she was left with her dad.

In the process of grieving, the family decided that it would be the right time to get a new Pittie in the house. Kylie and Bill went to the shelter together and found the perfect dog.

Beau the pittie

When they saw Beau, they feel for him right off the bat. He was this goofy looking dog with eyes that were a little too far apart.

The dog used to live alone in the streets of Manhattan before he got rescued. He didn’t have a proper home before meeting Kylie and Bill.

Beau would always be smiling. The family knew that he was the dog they needed. After having him for a few months, Kylie noticed how she was slowly healing from the dark past she had encountered.

Whenever Kylie had nightmares, the dog would always be right beside her when she woke up. Beau was so in tune with her and her dad. The dog brought so much joy to their family.

Beau came into their lives at just the right time. Kylie and Bill are delighted to show the world that Pitbulls are fantastic family dogs. They are grateful to Beau for saving their lives.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Video Source: The Dodo via Youtube