Dog Lovingly Gave Her Unborn Sister Some Nuzzles

Yes, it’s easy to say that our dogs are our family members. We treat them like they are a human who has a place in our family tree, we give them all the perks and the responsibilities of being a member of our family. But have you ever wondered if they really consider themselves as part of the family?

Understandably, they will love us because we are their providers, and they will protect our homes and the members of our family because that’s just how they are. They are protective of their humans. But have you ever seen solid proof of them, understanding that they are part of the family?

Well, look no further, because the viral video in this article is probably the best proof that you can find on the internet. The dog in the video, Penelope, is nuzzling the tummy of her pregnant mom, Juliana. The video is cute, and it might strike a chord, but it also puzzles us. How did the dog know that’s inside her mom’s womb?

There is no way to communicate these things to the dog. So for her to know that what’s inside the womb is her baby sister, it’s just simply amazing. Experts suggest, when a woman becomes pregnant, her body’s chemistry changes, and the dog can pick up this up.

Even if that were true, it still doesn’t explain how Penelope knew that there is life underneath that bulge on her mom’s belly? For now, let’s just leave a bookmark here to go back to this mystery some other time, because we currently don’t have the answers.

This video has garnered over 12 million views on Facebook. It starts with Penelope prying off the hands of her mom and dad because she wanted to nuzzle her mom’s pregnant belly. She displayed so much affection towards her unborn sister that we are certain they will be the best of friends when she comes into this world. We just hope Juliana will be sharing pictures of them together in the future.

Credits: Fox Paulistinha