Dog Drives Car In Circles In Reverse

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But boy, are they wrong. So it seems, dogs can learn anything, even driving a car.

In a neighborhood in Port St. Lucie in Florida, Anne Sabol, a local resident, could not believe what she was seeing.

Early in the morning, Sabol noticed a car backing up. She didn’t mind the car as it was routine for neighbors to come and go.

However, Sabol soon noticed that instead of heading out, the car began running around in circles – in reverse!

As she tried to investigate, she wasn’t sure if there was even a driver inside the car.

Not long after, firefighters and the police arrive at the scene.

By this time, the car was still running in circles in reverse. Upon closer inspection of the gray sedan, they soon realize that there was indeed a driver inside the car – a dog.

Apparently, the owner of the car, who asked to remain anonymous, got off the car when it was still running. Upon exiting the vehicle, his black labrador, who was still inside the car, accidentally knocked it into reverse.

As luck would have it, there were no reported injuries during the incident, including the mischievous dog who somehow learned to drive the car.

He did manage to leave skid marks on the street, moved some bricks from a home’s front yard, and then took out a mailbox.

Other than that, he was doing okay, considering he was reversing in circles for about an hour.

The officers were eventually able to come up with a way to stop the car. They punched a passcode in the driver’s side door.

The mischievous black labrador’s joyride finally came to an end. When he hopped out of the car, residents, including Anne Sabol, still can’t believe what just happened.

We wouldn’t have believed it, too, if it weren’t for the video.

Source WPLG Local 10 via Youtube