Creative Canine Chef Makes Amazing Dishes With Spam

Spam is the most versatile canned meat in the market. This brand has at least 13 varieties. They include classic, lite, less sodium, black pepper, hot and spicy, jalapeno, spread, spread singles, bacon, cheese, hickory smoke, and roasted turkey. Also, you can whip up all sorts of recipes using spam.

Some of the most popular spam recipes include spam sliders, spam fried rice, spam sushi, and dry spam ramen noodles, among others. All of these dishes will satisfy your taste buds and fill up your belly quite well. Are you interested to learn more spam-based recipes?

Then you’ve lucked out. Our featured video offers sumptuous spam recipes courtesy of our favorite canine chef, Maymo. Watch the video below.

In the video, Maymo dishes out three spam-inspired recipes. All of them are good, we must say. So without further ado, here they are:

The first dish is a spam green salad. Maymo puts chopped lettuce, carrots, and onions in a large bowl. He then blends a mixture of pepper, olive oil, and a block of spam straight from the can, which will serve as the salad dressing. The end product looks appetizing in a healthy way.

Maymo’s next dish is spam popcorn. He pops some popcorn in the oven, which will be the recipe’s base ingredient. He then sautees a whole block of spam in a block of butter. Spam-infused butter then goes into the bowl of popcorn.

The last dish Maymo makes is spam cupcakes. Yes, you heard it right. These savory cupcakes look delicious.

As shown by Maymo, spam will never go out of style. It will remain a staple in our food culture. And that’s something to be happy about given how tasty spam is.

Do you have personal spam recipes you wish to share? Please share it with us.

Thanks to Maymo