Company Is Founded To Honor Fallen Police Dogs And Help Dogs On Active Duty

K9 Salute is a company and it was founded by Jessica Harris who used to work at the Washington National Guard as a combat medical personnel before she retired. She put up the company to honor all of the police dogs who have been killed while on duty. It is also her way of helping the active dogs who are serving the country.

Besides that, K9 Salute also makes and sells treats for all kinds of dogs. When dog owners purchase a bag of these treats, they would find a tribute on the bag for a dog who has been killed while doing his duty. It is a way of remembering all of those dogs who have done their best to protect the country and its citizens.

To be able to achieve the tributes, Jessica would contact handlers of K9s and ask if they would like to give a little tribute to one of the dogs that they had worked with and had passed. Any tributes that Jessica is able to collect would then be printed on the doggy treat bag. The handlers that Jessica had contacted are happy with what Jessica is doing because it is a way of thanking the dog for their wonderful service. They would even give Jessica short descriptions of the dog as well as photos.

A part of the money that K9 Salute gets from selling these treats is used as a donation to all of the veterans who are in need of service dogs to help them deal with the tasks that they need to do on a daily basis. The company also uses a portion of the earnings to help the dogs who are on active duty by purchasing vests to protect them while at work.

Thank you, Jessica. Thank you, K9 Salute.

Source: Inside Edition