Big Dog Makes It His Duty To Protect His Brothers

Gunnar did not have any siblings  — human or canine. He grew up as an only “child” and the whole world revolved around him. His main goal was to relax, avoid exertion, snuggle in a warm blanket, relax, eat, sleep and avoid any physical activity.

To put it bluntly, he was a big baby. He only did what he wanted to do.

But life soon changed when Gunnar’s family welcomed a baby boy. His sleepy exterior was concealing a very high sensitivity, and he seemed to know right away that the mom of the family was expecting. He would lay on her stomach and feel the baby kick from inside.

From the very beginning, Gunnar became the self-appointed guardian of the children.

He is a constant presence, whether watching them in the swing, showing them how to climb stairs, playing basketball or swimming in the family pool.

When their mother  has to leave the room because she had something cooking in the kitchen, Gunnar rushes to the baby and watch over him.

Gunnar has a special connection with Wyatt. They can be seen having deep and  interesting conversations just for the two of them.

The brothers love it when their dog acts silly. His favorite thing is having a blanket around him. He truly is a lapdog.

This family is so very happy to have Gunnar. He is not just the family pet, he is the big brother.

Source: The Dodo